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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Southern Christmas Tree, Oh Southern Christmas Tree...

Yesterday we made the hike all the way to Shelbyville and got us a Christmas tree!!! We cut it down ourselves and everything!!

We went with some friends of ours - Mike & Kelly (who are sharing their first Christmas together as newlyweds.... aww) and Kelly's brother and our friend Chris (by the way, he's a rockin' hair stylist so if you need a great haircut we have the man to send you to!).

Look at Zach being manly and cutting our little, cute tree!


Kelly & Mike with their first tree!

Chris and his.... unique tree...

Zach doing his Christmas tree dance (look! A photo with both of us in it! Mike D was the man behind our camera on this one...)

Chris striking up a conversation with the creepy elf...

Taking the trees home...

We actually have some live footage of this experience to share with you. You get to hear my awesome laughter and everything... This is the first time we're uploading videos - enjoy!

Ah... hope you all enjoy your own Christmas tree experiences this year!!


  1. oh my goodness... i laughed so hard. there are so many great pics and videos on this post and for so many different reasons. wow. amazing. and mike d is a pretty darn good photographer too! i think that pic of you and zach needs to be out and visible in the abode :)-ash

  2. SOOO FUNNY! I love how all of you are really looking like its winter in TN! Ha! Its just doesn't seem right to see Christmas trees with no snow. You really need to frame those of Zach and the tree.

  3. "christmas trees yaaaay...oh, sap hands..."


  4. LOL, love teh pic of Zack and his "success"!! Hilarious!!

  5. oh my lordy! I can't breath! That is HILARIOUS! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

  6. That video is, as we say in the Johnson home, "pee your pants funny!"
    Great photos...as always!!!

  7. hhahaha those pics are too funny!!


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