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Friday, December 12, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

Well, friends, today was a great day - A Franklin shoot, something that begins with "s" and a special weekend ahead!!

A Franklin Shoot: We had a shoot today done of US by the great Keoni K! It was raining most of the day, but we grinned and stuck it out and still managed to look cool... hopefully - ha! Our makeup was done by the amazing Amy Lynn Larwig who just returned back to Nashville from furthering her makeup studies (I know there is a more professional word for it than that...) in Vancouver! Stay tuned for some photos that we will post once we receive some of the final images!

Something that begins with "S": The other big and exciting thing that happened today was that it SNOWED!!!!!!! Yes!! Right here in Franklin, TN!! Good thing we were able to capture it!!!

A Special Weekend: And the final thing to announce iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis -
My awesome husband's birthday is this Saturday!!! I'm not going to spill how old he will be turning... For those who are reading this off a feed, I have placed a poll at the top of our blog and you now can vote on his age. Another cool thing about this weekend is Zach's mom is coming to visit and celebrate with us! She is flying all the way in from North Dakota (and we blame her for the snow... last time it snowed like this in Nashville she was with us!!).

Enjoy the snow while we have it, folks!


  1. LOL...you guys are so nuts!!! I love it though!! Happy Bday, Zach!!


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