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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cousins, Cousins Everywhere!

Monday was really great! We got up in the morning, got dressed, and then Jody's Aunt Julie gave us her car so we could get out and about! We headed over to Bear Rock Cafe to get some stuff taken care of and enjoyed some great soup and sandwiches.

A few days back, while Jody's aunt and uncle were occupied, we took a few photos of the girls as a gift for their hospitality and wanted to share them!

This is 15 year old Lauren.

This is 13 year old Sydney (named after the Aussie capitol where Julie & Rich used to live).

and the two of them together!

Stay tuned for more sweet shots from our holiday vacation!


  1. More great pics....I want to be like you guys and take great pics like that when I grow up :)


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