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Thursday, December 4, 2008

10,000 Stalkers of these Nashville Wedding Photographers!

Well you blog readers have done it! In the last 5 months of our blog, the number of visits have reached 10,000 with over 15,000 page views! Thanks for tagging along with the interesting and sometimes crazy lives of these Nashville Wedding Photographers (yes, that would be us)!

We know you all come by and read, but not so many of you comment... so if you feel so inclined, introduce yourself and tell us what you like reading about and we'll make sure to write more of what you blog readers are interested in! Speak up we love hearing from you! :)

Thanks again!


  1. Well, you know I read. I mean, I'm subscribed, after all!

    As a former bride, a friend, and an intern, I just love reading about YOU. From the shoots to the everyday normal stuff, it's great!

  2. Oh, you crazy Nashville wedding photographers you... nice work. Hah!

  3. Does this number include people who read your blog via RSS?


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