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Monday, December 1, 2008

Car Update... Moving to North Carolina!

Thanks to all who have commented and are praying! :)

So we aren't moving to NC, but it looks like we'll be sitting tight here until at least Wednesday. Heard back from the mechanic and fixing the car will take until about then. No worries, we have some work we brought with us and we might take a day or so and just celebrate our anniversary here! My (Jody) aunt and uncle and two cousins have been really wonderful opening their home to us (after already having 17 guests for the holiday) and tonight we all went to cheer on NC's hockey team, the Hurricanes! We had a really nice time!

Enjoy a few photos from our little point and shoot and from Aunt Julie & Uncle Rich's camera!

Zach, Jody, and cousins Lauren & Sydney

Zach can't resist getting some food!

Zach, Jody, Uncle Rich, Sydney, and Aunt Julie

We have some other fun shots to post from the beginning of this trip so stay tuned!


  1. Just catching up on the news - AAH! It's great that you're being taken care of and that you've got the freedom to be able to have something like this happen and be okay! Praying for you guys to enjoy some more time away :) Too bad you won't be there through Friday or we could see you over there, then :) We're flying into Raleigh Friday night to visit my fam!

  2. A hockey game!! I knew I liked you guys!! Sorry to hear of your car troubles but enjoy the rest and family while you can.

    Miss seeing your smiling face on a regular basis.


  3. You better not move! I've gotten way too spoiled having you two here!

    And I still have yet to kidnap Jody for some girl time- so see, you simply can't move! ;-)


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