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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Brouillet Ladies!

For those of you who don't know, my (Jody's) maiden name is Brouillet. Pronounced just like the desert - Brew-lay. For the first time since Zach and I have been married all the Brouillet gals were finally together at the same time!

Of course Zach and I were supposedly on vacation relaxing from work but we couldn't resist pulling out the cameras and taking a few shots! I think eventually we started getting on Zach nerves because we all were being so picky with what photos we liked and didn't.... ha ha.... that's girls for you!

This is my younger sister Kelly (22). Gentlemen she is single... Come to us first if you are interested in pursuing. If you are somewhat of a creep - don't even think about it.

Here is all of us!

Mom, Jacq (27 and married, sorry fellas...), Jody, Kelly

Why am I the only one in this photo who looks goofy?

It was great to be with my sisters all together again and with our mom! Awww.... good times... Yay Family :o)

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  1. beautiful!!! all of you! your momma looks like one of you girls.


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