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Friday, June 19, 2009

A Friday Laugh... Mini Bowling!

Wednesday night we hung out with friends/past clients/future clients/artists/business women (yes, they are all of those to us), Alexis & Laura and their significant others! Alexis is married to Abdul (whose wedding we shot this past year!), and Laura is to be wed to Jim later this year!! We decided to have a triple date and head off to the Franklin Family Entertainment Center for Mini Bowling (aka Midget Bowling)!!

If you remember, we last posted on this form of bowling late January when we went with friends Amy & Brendon (click HERE for more pics and video of that adventure).

This was a whole new adventure and everyone brought out their best at the 10th frame which you will see in the short awesomely professional video below. We opted out of putting background music in, and you will see why. Make sure your volume is up :)

Fun times had by all! Maybe we'll do another competition and the winner(s) will get to go mini-bowling with us and see our MAD SKILLZ in the flesh!!!!

Lovin' your comments! Still have 2 weeks to go for the Starbucks Gift Card Give-a-way!!


  1. HA! Love this...

    So if I comment on this...my husband and I get to come out and mini-bowl with you guys? Is that it? With Starbucks? Frappuccinos? Yes?

  2. Thanks for the awesome night guys! We died laughing watching your video (had to watch it over and over!)
    Let us know when you want a re-match!

  3. ahh yes. chimpmunks and darth vader. always hilarious. too fun - ash

  4. That's HILARIOUS!!! I didn't even know there was such a thing as Mini Bowling! Looks like fun. I'm just used to the regular kind. ha ha LOL

  5. Fannnntastic! Next time Brendon and I will join in and school you ALL!! :)


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