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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Friday Laugh - Baseball & Ice Cream Faces...

One of the BEST things we love about our jobs is the couples who we meet and become friends with.

Take Chris & Holly for example... we met them over a year ago and waited with Holly as she waited for Chris to come back to the states after serving overseas, were SO excited when he was coming home safe & sound, have immensely enjoyed and participated in Chris' movie quotes & jokes, and hip-hopped right along with Holly singing "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc (ok, Zach was doing the hip-hopping... Jody, not so much ;). On their wedding day I think we were one of the most thrilled people to be at the wedding and celebrating their marriage! Ah, you two are the best :)

Anyway, this rad couple invited us to their rehearsal hang out at the
Nashville Sounds' Stadium. Even though we were invited as friends and not photographers we couldn't resist bringing one of our cameras and snapping a few pictures :)

The trophy husband decked out to the nines!

Getting to know some of the bridesmaids! Aw yeah!
Zach, blog-stalker-turned-friend, Elaina (he he), new friend Katie & Jody

Playin' some ball...

And for the kicker - Making faces in our ice cream and posing with it... scary, we know.. but yet, too funny... we all were laughing so hard!

Um, by the way... this last photo is a GREAT example of how NOT to use a 16-35mm... unless you want someone to look like they have a man-jaw, which is exactly what Zach was going for... *sighs* ha ha.


  1. HA! You two are too funny. I love the tutorial on how to NOT use a 16-35 mm.

  2. Very cute! And I'm having necklace envy on the colorful square beaded necklace, Jody!


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