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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The 3 Minute Workout That Had Us Wiped Out!

Zach and I worked out for a total of 3 minutes, and we were sore for the next 4 days...

Yes, read it again...

You read it right...

No joke. :)

Are we that wimpy? Are we THAT out of shape? Heck no! We just had a good kick-booty workout. Yes, even in 3 minutes.

If you have tried everything to lose weight, or try and stay fit and nothing seems to be working and it's hard to find that time every day to lose weight, then Burst Training might be for you (actually it's for everyone, even kids, but this might be even more appealing to you).

Burst training is highly effective in burning fat (and keeping it off) and retaining lean muscle.

There is the myth out there that in order to have a good, healthy workout you have to be active for a certain period of time (e.g. half hour a day - or whatever). This isn't necessarily true. What's important is the
quality of the workout - not the quantity.

Think of a cross country runners body that you see on the Olympics for example. They tend to be more thin and trim compared to track sprinter's body (more muscle tone) - the sprinter's workouts are based on the burst idea - work out for shorter spurts but with great intensity.

Under the encouragement from our friends,
Nathan & Jenni Oates, Zach and I signed up to take their Burst Training that they lead, here in the Nashville area. You sign up, do sessions with them and then the coolest thing is THEY EQUIP YOU TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN, so you aren't bound to paying a trainer or going somewhere every time you want to work out.

What are the hangups sometimes to working out?
1. Costs too much (gym membership, trainer, etc)
2. Have to actually GO somewhere to work out (gym, track, etc)
3. TIME!

Burst Training takes care of all of those worries, and you can do it on your own, in your own home!

To read more detailed information on how this workout works, visit Nathan & Jenni's
Burst Training Blog Post. This method of working out has changed their lives.

Nathan is a certified personal trainer and is holding more Burst small-group training sessions. See the below flyer for info!


  1. very cool!! a 3 minute workout...I might actually be able to swing that!!

    miss you guys!

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  3. It was great to meet you two last night!


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