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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Anniversary!... with Family :)

Thanks for everyone's anniversary congratulation comments! It's always fun reading the notes that you all post.

We got a few cards today from our family today.. :) The above card is from my (Jody's) Grandparents. The inside reads "You two make a pretty good team!" and they wrote "but we already know that." How appropriate for us... I feel so blessed to be with such a great guy who compliments me so well...

Today is not only our anniversary, but it's my Aunt Jody's birthday! Yes, her name is Jody as well. I was named after her! :) After dinner we all sung "Happy Birthday" to Aunt Jody and then "Happy Anniversary" to us... who knew there was an anniversary song that went to the tune of Happy Birthday!

We are having a nice time here in North Carolina. All of my mom's side of the family (minus 2 cousins and one uncle) has gathered for the holidays and it's great to be around family. As the years go by we all keep spreading out more over the US so it's nice to see everyone!

My cousin Sydney loves horses and today we took a couple shots as she exercised a horse she rides almost daily. I grew up loving horses, taking lessons, mucking out stalls for the fun of it (I know, I'm crazy) so it was fun to be around it all again. *sighs*

Enjoy your turkey day everyone!!!

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