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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day of Thanks...

Alright peeps! It's Thanksgiving - a day to take a moment and reflect on what we are thankful for (hence the name).

Zach is thankful for:
...Blow up Mattresses
...Car Mechanics
...My hot wife!

Jody is thankful for:
...Air mattresses
...Thanksgiving Day Parades on TV!
...a great job that she loves and is passionate about

...an amazing business partner and best friend (that would be Zach for those who were wondering)

What are you thankful for? Yes you - the one reading this! :)

1 comment:

  1. Jenae is thankful for:
    a fab husband
    an awesome 1yr old daughter
    a job that allows me to be creative
    turkey,sweet potatoes,mac and cheese,cranberry sauce from a can (you know the one shaped like a can that no one eats but it wouldn't be t-day w/o it..
    oh and i'm thankful for the Gray's & the fact that I don't know them, but they still inspire me..


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