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Friday, November 21, 2008

Mud + Stuck Jeep + Two Manly Men = Unstuck Vehicle!

We have this couple friend we were hanging out with the other night at Starbucks and the guy just happened to mention that he was out riding his jeep and got it stuck in a rut on some trails they were on. The rut was so deep that the mud came all the way up underneath the jeep burying the axle and no truck company in the Nashville area would come and tow him out! Zach, being the clean freak that he is, offered to get down and dirty and help dig it out in the morning...

No more truck..

After a wash in the lake...


This weekend we are shooting the wedding of Ashley & Trevor! Ashley hails from California and Trevor is from Ireland! The rehearsal will be our first time meeting Trevor and we are excited!



  1. I want to get stuck in the mud and have get all dirty. How fun is that? You guys are always doing something fun!!!

  2. I just love reading your blog. Your pictures are so cool!

  3. Great environmental portraits. That really looks like a lot of fun - until you get stuck :-)


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