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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congrats Lee & Elisabeth!!!!!!!!!!!

We feel like we say this about all the couples we work with, but Lee & Elisabeth are truly an amazing and kind couple!! Their families were great to be around as well and we are soooooooo pumped that we were able to get to know them and be there for their wedding!

On Monday on their way to Barbados for their honeymoon we received this text from them, "Once again, u guys are phenomenal!!! Thanks for Everything. Love Lee & Elisabeth." These guys planned so much for their wedding and we are so excited that they are relaxing and enjoying the beach and all else that Barbados has to offer.

You guys are the best!! Can't wait to see you when you get back!!

A few vendor Shout Outs:

The flowers & reception decor were done by Rhonda with
Rhonda Patton Weddings!
The awesome cake was done by Signature Cakes by Vicki.


  1. I love the dancing photos. The contrast of black and white with the perfect lighting. Only you guys could pull it off.

  2. As a guest of the wedding I love the pictures that you and your husband took. You both are amazing photographers. You really captured the happyness of the day.

  3. Oh my gosh! These guys look they they were a blast to shoot!!!! I love the shoe shot on the road line, and the guys laughing and the KY friend chicken and whiskey one...okay, I love them all! :o)
    Miss ya,

  4. The guys are absolutely amazing! My husband and daughter were both in the wedding (the flower girl who danced ALL night long) and you looked like you were having as much fun as we were. You are right... Lee and Lis are the kindest couple and I am glad that you were able to capture their special day.

  5. You gave us a teaser! These pictures are phenomenal!!! I can't wait to see more!

  6. the rings and jelly beans shot makes me smile.:) great job on these wedding photos! we loved getting to see the studio last week!!! you guys rock the free world. - tammy

  7. I must again tall you how wonderful the engagement pictures were and thease are the best! The day and wedding were just wonderful and you just added to the how special and happy we all were. It was a joy to meet you and to watch you work. It seemed that you were taking photos as if the wedding was your wedding; thanks for putting yourself in our event. Can't wait to see the other shots. Lee and Elisabeth will be in around midnight tonight and I can't wait to tell them what awaits them. Janice Cunningham (Lee's Mom and Elisabeth's new Mother-in-Law!)

  8. Oh wow! I'm LOVIN the photo booth shots! So special. You know I would have loved to be there if I hadn't just given birth to the lil' princess. It looks like I really missed a good time. Elizabeth you look stunning! Lee you know your just adorable. Congrats to you both!!!
    Liz Clay

  9. God Bless you Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham. The photos are very elegant. They even made the fried chicken bucket look classy.

  10. These pictures are awesome! Everyone looks so great. Especially like the one with the chicken bucket. LOL Love you all, Sonya and Jeremy

  11. Are there going to be anymore pics of the wedding posted?


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