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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Magical Vineyard... well, not really :)

Every month Zach and I attend a networking event that Courtney Hammons (of A Magical Affair) puts together for wedding vendors.

This last time we went to Arrington Vineyards right in Arrington, TN (south of Nashville, between Franklin & Murfreesboro). Talk about a great location for a private party or even a rehearsal dinner! It was beautiful, despite the cold!

Here is the group that came out that day!

By the way, Arrington normally does NOT have scull goblets and heads nailed against boards as you will see on the fireplace... it was in honor of Halloween and their Hallowine event they were having that weekend :)


  1. Sweet- I actually recognize one of my good friends in there (other than you two)- Kristen Schoonover. What a small world! :)


  2. sad times is that arrington doesn't allow weddings! trust me, i'd be all up on that!


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