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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Squirrelly Friday Post...

Holy cow - it's Friday! Where in the world has this week gone? Unbelievable!

In honor of Friday, I (Jody) thought I would share something that's a little different than usual. I take full responsibility of this post, but it cracked me up so hard I just have to share it. There are so many other things we have to post on, but this most definitely deserves a Friday Shoutout.

I, Jody, went to Berea College in KY, which my younger sister is now attending and getting ready to graduate from! Berea is known for it's over population of squirrels and I was shopping around for a gift for my sister when Zach & I walked into Pangea (one of the coolest knick-knack stores in Nashville), and low-and-behold, my eyes landed on this:

Oh, yes, what you're seeing is real... and yes, I bought it for her :)

And for those who can't make out what the writing says on the back... here is a closer view for some extra laughs...

And yes, folks, the website on the back does exist - Small Animal Decency.com.

And to get a little more specific, you can watch a Squirrel underpants promo video and read testimonials here
Squirrel Underpants.com!

1. I want to know who came up with this idea....

2. Who actually buys it??? (Um, besides me :)

Am I just weird or does it make anyone else laugh as well?

Happy Friday!!! :)


  1. that is absolutely hysterical!!! hahaha I was cracking up when I saw that! Too funny! It seems like something that would have been put together by The Onion!

  2. Thanks for laugh! That is so funny.

  3. AWESOME! I'm so getting these for my Uncle in Montana!

  4. I am laughing out loud reading this...hilarious!!! And the tag line for their brand is absolutely priceless...

    See - I soo need to be making a living doing something like this - selling squirrel underpants.

    Can you imagine that conversation at a dinner party?

    Party Guest: So What do you do ?
    Me: I market and sell squirrel underpants!
    Party Guest: Uhh..... Nice to meet you - I think I am going to go get another drink...

  5. This is hilarious! I wish I had read this on Friday, I could have used a laugh!


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