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Monday, May 18, 2009

IN-CAMERA Nashville Photography Workshops - Going Worldwide

(**Note** If you have found this blog post via internet searches, please visit the Photographer's area on our website and/or our new blog for the most updated photography Workshop information!)

This post is scheduled to go up Monday morning, and depending on when you're reading this (on Monday) we are either 1) hosting the 2nd IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Workshop, or 2) if it's in the evening, we are with the sold-out IN-CAMERA: Light workshop attendees for Part II of their two-day spanning workshop.

It has been a blast holding these workshops here in our home-town of Nashville,. TN and we are looking forward to moving on with planning the out of state & country workshops that we have been contacted about!

If you have yet to reach out to us about bringing our workshops to your area, please email us at INCAMERA@GrayPhotograph.com. We travel worldwide and would really love to bring one to Hawaii! Hint, hint! ; )

Below are some topics we share/teach on and can lead a workshop covering a few different combined items:

  1. Website Marketing: Are images really enough? – Standing out amid the rest by branding yourself on your site
  2. The Most Valuable Advertising – Utilizing Clients & Vendors to be your biggest advertisers
  3. Creating Balance – Having your business work for you and not you for your business
  4. Pricing – What to charge and how to charge it
  5. Client Meetings – How to utilize your client meetings to your advantage and book a higher percentage
  6. Advanced off camera lighting including multiple strobes
  7. Lighting ratios – Controlling different light sources to give your images the look you want
  8. Advanced composition & Leading Lines – Giving your images more visual power
  9. Exposure – How to properly use the histogram, LCD, the in-camera meter as well as a hand-held meter
  10. Accurate Color – In-camera custom white balancing techniques
  11. Post Production Workflow – How to edit 1,200 images in 2.5 hours
Have a great start to your week and stay tuned for a full workshop blog post as well as some weddings, and a special announcement :)


  1. Hey guys, have you planned a workshop for Knoxville? I gave a shout out about you to one of my girl friends who's trying to break into photography here. Let me know! - hilary b.

  2. These are such great workshops! I wish you all were doing something in florida. I have a friend who lives in Nashville who i'm sure would love to go to this...


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