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Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Latest Baby... A New Camera

Sorry, we are not pregnant but we did get something that's about the same cost as having a baby! Welcome home our 5D Mark II! Ok, so we have had this for about a month but we've had so much other stuff going on to blog about that it's better late than never!

It's like Christmas in the spring...

So, why a new camera and what can it do? Pretty much everything except make us breakfast, that's what!

This camera is pretty awesome and shoots really hi ISO images (geek talk for the camera's sensitivity to light) all the way up to 25,000, it automatically cleans dust off of the images by using ultra sonic vibrations, it takes 1080p high definition video and it produces ultra smooth 14bit depth images at a whopping 21.1 megapixel size. The camera also has many other cool new features that the old cameras do not have and all for a relatively low price in comparison to other cameras on the market. But what it really does well is this:

Welcome home baby...


  1. ha nice. i think david is pregnant with this baby too...just waiting for the birthing moment to come upon us. can't wait to see all the new shots that will come from this new savvy toy.:) you guys are awesome! - tammy

  2. I wish I had one. It's on my photog wish list! You guys are amazing! I love the photos from the Red House. It makes me want to have a party there! :) Have a great day.

  3. First, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm horribly jealous.

    Second, if you need someone to babysit, you have my number....just sayin'.

  4. a friend of ours showed us what that camera can do... all i can say is WOW

  5. I don't think the drool was good for our keyboard - gee thanks! Oh BTW, if Mark's "older brother" needs a new home, we'd be happy to adopt him. :)

  6. IF you ever need to get away from the children for the weekend.... We are free to take care of them... We will take good care of your babies...

  7. hi jody :D

    haven't seen you since dina's wedding! i'm loving the blog. fabulous photos!


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