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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nashville IN-CAMERA Photography Workshop Completed!

(**Note** If you have found this blog post via internet searches, please visit the Photographer's area on our website and/or our new blog for the most updated photography Workshop information!)

"Great day! Super informative!"

"AMAZING class!"

"I seriously learned more here than anywhere!"

"It was amazing at how well the photos turned out, and I didn't have to do any editing to them!"

"Thank you for helping me conquer manual mode!"

"Loved it!"

"Great experience"


"The class was amazing"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

The above are just a few comments that we have received since the IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshop on Sunday! We had an amazing time this past Sunday afternoon, despite the rainy weather! We had 13 students for this sold out workshop and we all had a blast shooting together and talking shop ALL day. :)

It was great to meet so many different photographers from different places and to see everyone get so excited to get such great images right in the camera (which is what these workshops are all about!). We had students from Nashville and the surrounding areas, and students who came all the way from Kentucky, Alabama, and Arkansas. The award for longest distance traveled goes to Melissa with an 8 hour drive! :)

The day began with some class time
at our studio in good 'ol downtown Nashville, TN... (photos complements of Kristine Neeley)

Next, we headed off for lunch and then the hands-on shooting & learning time began! We started off as a whole group doing some stuff with 'el natural light and then split into two groups so people could get lots of time shooting with flash as well as natural light at the same time. Oooh ahhh!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the hands on class time, some of the set-ups, and then some images from Jody and I and from the students that we took of our awesome models Lindsey and Dustin. Enjoy!!

Here we are talking through the basic flash set up that we used
for some of the shots

I love this image! Everyone looks so intent on nailing the perfect shot!

As you can see, it was pretty rainy!

Here is Jody at another setup talking through the dynamics of available light and using it to one's advantage with an amazing thing called a reflector!

Shooting away!

Here are two that I (Zach) took while demonstrating how to shoot the first flash set up.

And one with just the reflector used for adding light

Here is one that Jody took while demonstrating how to capture a correct exposure and white balance.

This shot belongs to the awesome MD Laidlaw

Here is one from the amazing Kristine Neeley

This one is from the super cool Da Norm

Here is a really cool one from Abiola

Here is a great shot from Wes Brown Wes Brown

After the shooting time, we all headed back to the studio for some snacks and then got into the post-production side. We went through our entire workflow and showed students the whole process from importing and organization, to editing and preparing the image for the final print.

It was an awesome day and we have received tons of amazing responses from all of our attending students (the workshop received 5 out of 5 on the exit surveys!) saying that the class was extremely helpful in giving them the tools to shoot photos the way they want in the camera without having to spend tons of time in Photoshop making them look they way they want. Mission accomplished.

You guys are all the best and we look forward to the next two workshops that are coming up the weekend of the 17th! There are a few spots left for this same class that we are hosting on Monday the 18th, so check out our website to sign up!

And lastly,
here is the whole crew taken by one of our awesome assistants Cliff Neeley!!

Everyone who attended, feel free to leave us some comments and let us & others know about your experience!


  1. It goes without saying that a Gray Photography In-Camera Workshop is like the best, most practical photography book coming to life in the form of two lovable and genuinely talented people.

    Time spent with the Grays, twelve other awesome photogs, two handy (and one incredibly handsome... I mean... I married the guy, come on) assistants, and two incredibly relaxed and photogenic models was a bright spot in a dreary weekend!

    If you're looking for the right mix of technical and practical skills, you MUST attend a GP Workshop!

  2. WOW very awesome! thanks for sharing :)love the pictures

  3. AH! Greatest day ever! Hands down! I went home and jabbered to my husband about it for at least 2 hours. "and then we did this...and then I learned this....OH...we need to buy this..." etc.

    Seriously though, it was an incredible time and I'm looking forward to signing up for the next round!

    The Grays rock socks and many other things!

  4. I was a little hesitant about attending a workshop. I know what I know, and I know (some) of what I need to know, but does Gray Photography know what I need to know? The answer is YES! I came away feeling confident in areas that were just "so-so" before. Everyone involved made this a very rewarding experience. Not only are the Grays talented, but their personality is SO right for their job. Thanks!

  5. I just wanted to say how I was so happy to meet you guys at the TWESA Meeting on Tues. night. You guys have been like Super Rock Stars in my mind and to have finally have gotten the opportunity to meet the people behind the Amazing work of art you put out was a previledge! Your pictures are breaktaking!
    God Bless you guys,
    Amanda Deskins
    amd photography

  6. Really glad the workshop was such a success!

  7. Wow, this looks so amazing, hope to meet you guys when I am down there.


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