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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Night at the Bowl-A-Rama

Jody and I had a date night recently (as we do every week) and after two and a half years of marriage it is becoming ever difficult to come up with new ways to romance the pants (no pud intended) off of each-other. So, for this date, we decided to get a little crazy and bike a mile and a half over to the the Franklin bowling alley and see who had the skills and talent to knock those little pins down where they belong!

There was plenty of:

Mostly by Jody :) And plenty of:

Mainly by me. He, he, he!!

We also pigged out on some really awesome bowling alley food, kicked our feet up, relaxed and had some fun!

We ate pizza, chips and cheese and washed it all down with these huge Slurpees! We also both had really fun stomach aches afterward! It was awesome!
Here are some other highlight shots from our evening!

Jody gets really excited while bowling!

The heavy ball is Jody's.

Aren't we sooo cute!

Their are two things about being photographers 1) we can't help but experiment with our cameras often... and 2) We do not trust anyone else to take pictures of us, so we end up having to shoot photos of us individually :( Even though photos together are way more romantic on a date night, when we biked by this area with some cool looking sky we just couldn't help but take a few shots. So we took a few quick photos of ourselves for everyone to see! ;)

Well! I think that about says it all! Until next time! And men, don't forget to romance your wives every day!


  1. I also prefer to bowl with the green Eagle. Looks like a super cool date. However, you can't use the 'I'm out of gas' excuse on bicycles. I'm just sayin'...

  2. You guys are sooo hot! Looks like things are going great for you and congratulations on the new blog!!

  3. You guys crack me up!!!! Love all the new pictures! Glad you both got back safe! Jody...I want to see pics of Japan!


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