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Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Starting tomorrow (Saturday) Zach and I will be apart for 6 days :( I will be traveling halfway around the world to the amazing country of Japan, and my studly husband will be flying to Wisconsin to visit family and spend time with his parents and younger brothers.

So enough about Zach - one problem that presented itself in my overseas travels is that my maiden name is still on my passport!! I had to get my passport renewed and of course, whatever photo is taken I'm stuck with for the next 10 years, so I ventured out to good 'ol Walgreen's putting my hopes and fears in them that they would be able to produce me with a photo I would be proud of for the next 10 years... WRONG!

Unfortunately, when you go to the local drugstore you end up a getting generic passport photo by ghetto point-and-shoot Walgreen's cheap-o camera. See below for point and case:

Comments: The color is OBVIOUSLY off and look like I have some skin disease that turns my skin yellow, and the lighting is horrible, and I'm not even in focus! (No joke! They really expected me to send this off to the passport agency so that when I travel from country to country and get my identity checked, they would clearly be able to see what I look like and make sure I'm not some impostor wanting to go crazy and knock over the Starbucks kiosk until I get my half-caff mocha!)

Now being photographers, there is NO way I can be tagged with an image like that for the next ten years! So I relied on my husband's mad lighting skills and he busted out the goods (in his words) and took a much better shot of me!


I'm telling you that professional passport photos is where the money is at!

The only bummer about this new passport photo is that I will now have to purchase that half-caff mocha :(

That's it for now! Enjoy reading the blog as Zach keeps this up for the next week (Warning: don't believe everything you read! Just know that Zach believes it to be truth).

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  1. Hey ya'll...seriously the pictures of the couple below are amazing! I am so impressed! Hope you guys are doing well...be safe in Japan!


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