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Thursday, July 10, 2008

How we did it!!

So in this particular blog, and in some to come here and there, we will give you the inside scoop on how we did certain shots including all the different elements of what went into getting the shot, like; what type of camera was used, what type of lighting, what settings and so on. So here we go!

We love to share, learn and teach any chance that we get, so this particular blog is all about that! We know that when we first started out shooting weddings we were so hungry to learn anything that we could from anyone that would teach us. So, we want to dedicate this blog to those that are interested in learning some of the cool photography tricks that help make these photos look the way they do. You can't manufacture a great moment between a bride and groom, but if you are there with the right tools at the right time, then you can make a great moment between two people look really awesome!

Here are some lighting behind-the-scenes photography tips. The photo we are going to use today is a very Rock-Star-esc shot that we set up to capture the cool factor of this groom and his groomsmen taken in Nashville, TN. Take a look.

Here is the shot:


This image was taken on June 28th in Nashville the day of Amie and Andrew’s wedding. When you first look at this shot it almost looks like it is not real at all and is instead shot in some fancy studio and the background put in with Photoshop. It also looks like it was taken for a cool band (which when you can make the groom and his guys look and feel like rock-stars, then you have done your job that day!).

Here is how we did it:
First we found a cool spot that had a lot of sky in the background and then positioned the guys there. The shot was taken at about 3 pm on a sunny day, so we put the guys in the shade under a few trees so that they would not be all squinty eyed. Then we got out the big guns (no, not my wife’s biceps).

We bring on location two powered lights called mono-lights that are 500 watts and 1,000 watts each. The only way to get the sky to look natural like that is to shoot a light at your subjects that is equal to, or brighter than the light hitting the sky from the sun. So we aimed this power light at them, turned up the juice to about 600 watts, and bam! This is what you get! It really is about that simple. There are some other technical things to it, but that is how a shot like this is done. If anyone wants details they can feel free to email me @ zach@GrayPhotograph.com and I will answer any other questions that you may have.

Here is the technical info and settings for those nerdy types (like me!):
ISO – 50
/125 of a second
Canon 5D with the 24-70L 2.8 at 24mm
Westcot 32 inch soft box with inner baffle removed (for higher contrast)
Photogenic 2500 DR Monolight at 600 watt seconds
Powered with the vagabond 2 from Alien Bee’s
All triggered by Pocket Wizard Pro-2’s
Minor contrast adjustments in Adobe Light-Room

Jody leaves Japan tonight and arrives tomorrow evening! I can't wait to have my baby back!

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