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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nashville Photography Workshop Update - Filling Up!

(**Note** If you have found this blog post via internet searches, please visit the Photographer's area on our website and/or our new blog for the most updated photography Workshop information!)

We are soooooo excited and cannot wait for our workshops to begin!

Just a little update on the classes for those who are interested and have yet to sign up: IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post &
IN-CAMERA: Business is full and our IN-CAMERA: Lighting is about to be closed to registrants as well. We still have a few more openings for our IN-CAMERA: Basics, photography for beginners. Sign up on our website.

Due to continual interest, we are considering holding an additional
IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshop. If you would like to sign up for the class, contact us at INCAMERA@grayphotograph.com and once we receive enough serious inquiries, we will schedule an additional date!

We can't wait and are looking forward to meeting and hanging with all of you who have signed up so far!!


  1. congrats on filling up classes! i know this will be a success. it's so awesome to see how God has blessed you and for you to share with others.- ash

  2. Very cool! By the way, while I was watching the video my husband said "what are you watching" and I said "it's a video about Jack and Zody's photo classes..." and then the lady on the video did the exact same thing. wow.

  3. So I didn't signup in time... will y'all be doing the Nashville workshops again anytime in the near future?? -Kristen Steele

  4. I can't wait!!! I made it in for Shoot & Post and Light.

    What's the chances of another wedding workshop in the future?

  5. Wes-

    We are glad that you are coming out! We are definitely going to host more workshops and may do some in the fall. We are also planning some out of state as well and are chatting with shooters in LA and Hawaii about doing some there. Talk with you soon!

  6. What is the discounted rate for multiple photographers within the same business?

  7. Alison-

    Feel free to shoot us an email and we can work it out. info@grayphotograph.com Thanks!


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