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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Fun Date Day in Nashville!!!!!

Our business is our baby. It's something Zach & I built together from the ground up and we pour a lot of time and effort into it. As important as it is, it's also really important to us to spend time together outside of our business.

We have been a part of a married couples Sunday School class for the last 3 years and we're all going through the book
His Needs, Her Needs (great book to read, by the way). This week we were on Chapter 6 which addresses one of a male's most important needs: Recreational Companionship. It's important for a husband and a wife to have activities they can do and share together because it is such a huge bonding thing, especially for men.

Personally, we have found that recreational companionship is pretty high on both of our "lists." Luckily Zach & I get along really well (most of the time.. he he) and do most things together, but we try and always make some efforts to hang with NO business talking/planning/brainstorming allowed!

Take today for example... Sunshine + 73 degrees + Strong winds + Sponge Bob Square Pants kite + Local park + Subway + Velcro catch games = LOTS OF ZACH & JODY FUN! Enjoy the pics :)

Stopped at good 'ol Walmart and bought this Velcro-catch game that I (Jody) used to have growing up...

Took a studly pic of my husband and me in his reflection after we finished our Subway...

Posing it up with SPONGE-BOB (look at his cute little arms and legs!)

And then took Sponge Bob out for a ride in the air!!

Again, notice his little arms and legs billowing in the wind!! Aw, he's so cute!!

We had a lot of fun and it's always so refreshing to do something together and just hang out with no agenda besides having a nice time together. :)

Sometimes it's hard to think of things to do. What are some activities that you all like to do with other people whether it be with friends, spouse or boy/girlfriend, etc.? With the weather warming up there are definitely more options!


  1. AWE!! I love couple time!

    Rich and I always try to mix it up a bit, but a few favorites are simple walks in a park, touristy things around Nashville, board game night with friends and meeting another couple to play pool, bowl, darts, cards, etc. We love going to different discussions about design and architecture, but right now, we're just trying to finish everything for the wedding!

  2. Looks like a blast: its got to be a special challenge when you work together as well to create time that sets the business completely aside.

    Amanda & I have been reading geeky wizard-detective novels together on the couch with the cats for "bonding time."

  3. Sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun. I love days like that when you can just enjoy each other's company.

  4. love the kite... too funny! Dan and I don't do the "recretional companionship" thing enough... but last year we really enjoyed hiking in edwin warner park. They have trails that go up some pretty steep hills... but it isn't like you have to do 5 miles or anything. Very do-able for a baby such as myself!

  5. you guys are so cute!! love you!

  6. Elisabeth and I are trying to find another good weather weekend to go Horseback riding....we'd love to have you guys along...let me know if you're interested in joining us!!!!!

  7. i wish we could've been there with ya'll. I've been itchin to throw a ball and run around like the big kid i really am. ya'll are crazy cool.

  8. Well the season is over now so we'll have to wait until September but my husband and I love going to Nashville Predators hockey games. This is something that he got into a few years ago and I began going reluctantly, more for something to do rather than actually caring anything about the game, but it grew on me and now it's something that we really enjoy together and my husband loves that I actually know who the players are, what's going on and get excited about it. It's been great. So that's our thing.

  9. Ahh, this is the kite you were tweeting about, how fun!!! You guys have fun!!

    In all my years, I've never flown a kite...may have to add that to my list of things to do in 2009!


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