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Monday, April 13, 2009

Nashville Headshots - Rockin' it in non-Beautiful Places

Our IN-CAMERA: Beginners workshop was this past Saturday and it went AWESOME! For those who are our Facebook Friends, you can already see two of the images taken that day, but no worries we will blog very shortly on it!

A few days ago we did some headshots for model Lindsey Kirkendall. She's always so easy to shoot and we had lots 'o fun. :)

Windy hair patrol! :)

Something we really enjoy is finding the "beauty in the ugly" and by ugly, we do not mean Lindsey :) Beauty can be found almost anywhere, especially if one is able to control his/her camera and gear in the way he/she wants to.

The shots you see above taken at a nice stone wall like the one below...

... were taken at a wall in an apartment complex!

The great thing about this spot is to the left was a white wall which reflected the setting sunlight. The light that hit Lindsey was soft, PERFECT light to have filling the shadows of the face. Awesome spot to shoot in!

The shots you see taken by the orangish cool background like this shot..

... wer taken by a big 'ol nasty storage unit.

Beauty in the ugly, my friends!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a great Easter!


  1. How fun! Lindsey is so beautiful! Gorgeous shots!!!:)

  2. That is so funny! I always look for "beautiful places," I love how you post the "behind the scene" shots too! So creative!

  3. Who knew a dumpster could be so cool! Gorgeous shoot!

  4. That post was really interesting- especially for people who don't know a whole lot about photography. Ps- LOOVE the new site upgrades. The opening video is awesome :)


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