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Monday, February 2, 2009

Local Brides & Party Planners - Add to your February Calendars!

Glad you all have enjoyed the latest "behind-the-scenes" blog. We'll make sure to do more of those. Thanks for leaving feedback!

If you have yet to come in contact with the amazing ladies of Williamson County Weddings and Events, you are missing out!!! Not only do they host great game nights (click HERE to see my awesome Pictionary drawing of Twilight, and while you're at it, become our Facebook friend and fan), BUT they are great people and great business women!

On Sunday, Feb 22nd they are hosting the 1st Annual Social Invitation Showcase at their venue,
CJ's Off The Square! This is not just for Brides who may still need their invitations taken care of, but for those who are planning other events (e.g. birthday parties) or even need something like Baby Announcements. Check out their Blog Post for more information, and don't forget to register!

By the way Zach and I WILL be there... if you need any more incentive to come :)

For those photo lovers, here are just a few shots of some weddings we have done with them!

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  1. Thanks Grays! Glad you're coming, and hope to see a lot of your readers there too! :)


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