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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best Blog Ever?!?

Only 4 days to vote!

We may not have the best blog EVER, but with over 16,000 visits (and over 25,000 page views) f
rom not only people across the US but from other continents as well - all in the 7 months we have had our blog going - that's got to count for something :)

We would love your vote on
Professional Photographer Magazine's Fresh Blog Voting Contest. Check it out here and in the upper left hand corner, enter 0011 to see our entry and vote for us!

VOTING ENDS THE 15TH of this month so take 20 Seconds and cast your vote for us... and maybe we'll consider keeping up this blog... ;o) ha ha


  1. I voted for you! AND I didn't just go right to you and vote... you really were the best page that I saw! :D See you soon!

  2. Just remember, in the end, your all winners!.... See, proof I voted! =)

  3. I voted, but you already know that :)

    And you were SO right about twitter being 140 characters... it's weird that it didn't accept it.


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