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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dreaded Tax Time... Who To Turn To?

It's that time of year again! Time to get your taxes together to file with the IRS. Woo hoo... exciting times... or not.

Do taxes confuse you and you wish you had someone to do your taxes for you but you have no idea who to go to? Are you a small business owner and are not happy with your current tax filing situation? Or maybe need some extra help with running your books?

Look no further!

A few years ago Zach and I found ourselves in a very interesting situation. We had income coming in from different areas - some W2s, some 1099s, confusing other taxes stuff, and to top it all off we were starting our own business. We had no idea what company we could trust we with our finances so we turned to Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local Provider program. Dave's ELP program holds companies to a very high standard of excellence, have to earn Dave's endorsement, and more importantly are constantly being reviewed to keep Dave's endorsement.

Through the ELP program we found Tax Alternatives. We cannot brag enough about the service and help throughout the years that we have received from these guys and they do an amazing job. They have been available to us all year round to answer our questions that may come up, they work with our crazy excel sheets, truly have great customer service, and the cost is reasonable and most definitely worth it! We have been with them ever since we initially walked in the door.

Over the years we have referred many friends and fellow business acquaintances to them and we have continued to hear nothing but great things and see the great things first hand for ourselves.

So if you're needing some help, whether it's with taxes, accounting, bookkeeping (and the list goes on) - check out their site, contact them, and be amazed.

Hope this helps some of you! Taxes can be scary and daunting but they don't have to be :)


  1. oooh, new blog layout. Let's start a fan club for TaxAlt. I went and picked our's up on Monday - DAVID's the man!

  2. Randall Matlock and Associates ROCKS as well- they were just a total God-send to me this last year and saved my tail! Anyone who can put up with me and my "bookkeeping" with an insane amount of patience & grace deserves props! And they saved me a lots of money!! =)


  3. I used them last year and was expecting to pay taxes and pay them a hefty sum. I ended up getting money back, plus the stimulus check plus they only charged $200! I feel much better having them do my taxes than the dummies at H&R or myself with TurboTax. I am back again with TA this year, even though they are farther away since leaving FPP.


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