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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Late Night Lifestyle Session. Meet Jeremy & Autumn!

Last night Zach and I headed downtown Nashville for a lifestyle engagement session with Autumn & Jeremy! They really wanted a downtown night shoot and whenever a couple has a strong idea of what they want their images to look like, we are all about it! The shoot was a blast and we have a bunch of great photos, but here are a few to hold you over.



We may have gone into areas that we shouldn't have necessarily been in... but look at the cool photos we got of the two of them!! There are so many photos of couples on the walking bridge - we thought we might take a different approach and shoot kind-of under the bridge. At least we all weren't hurting anything and no one fell into the water!


Autumn and Jeremy You two are the best and we can't wait for your wedding next year!!


  1. This are great (of course)! I LOVE the Bridge picture. The lighting is amazing!

  2. Jeremy and Autumn,
    You look fantastic! I can't wait to see the rest of the photographs!
    Love you both,
    Mom and Dad S.

  3. Once again I have to say your work is amazing!
    I actually left blogspot b/c I couldn't get the pictures large enough. You'll have to clue me in on how you do this and how to put words between the photos. I really like blogspot and would go back to them for our main photo blog if I could figure that all out. Then Xanga could just be our fun family site type thing.

  4. We can totally hook you up with the info on posting larger photos! We do it via photobucket.com. Upload the photos there and then get the html coding that PB provides, and paste it into your blog!

  5. Aw these pics turned out a-Mazing! You guys are awesome! Thank you both so much for making the pics beautiful and comfortable for the both of us, even though we did do a little law breaking, they were well worth gate hopping in a dress and the little friends in the ally! Ha! I can't wait to see the rest.



  6. Thanks for the tips you guys. I actually didn't realize you replied and spent a few hours playing around on blogspot yesterday. It took a LOT of time but I figured it out!!! YAY! Now we can move back to bogspot. I really like it b/c of the unlimited space unlike Xanga.
    I actually ended up choosing a stretched page design to make more room in my main column and now I can change the size of the pics on my own :) I'm so happy to be back at blogspot.

    Thanks again though.


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