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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Date Night!

Besides photography, something else Zach and I are really passionate about is marriage! We realize that nothing else can be more important than the relationship you have with your spouse. Not a job, career, hobbies, sports or EVEN kids or a ministry! Your partner is numero UNO (that would be "one" for those who aren't sure what that is :) and out of that relationship will flow everything else. Marriage isn't just about fun and games but is also about making lots of little efforts along the way...

We decided before we got married that we would set aside a night each week to be our Date Night. This would be a time to just hang out and have fun and invest in each other. We have been married for almost 3 years and we still do it! Sometimes we get crazy and do extravagant things, or go to Chuck E Cheese (yay Skee-ball), or rent a movie and popcorn. It's fun and so important!

So quite a few months ago instead of investing the money we had coming in, we decided to "stimulate the economy" with part of the stimulus checks we received and buy some bikes!!


His and Hers Schwinn bikes... awww...

Please notice my awesome memory foam seat cover!! Woo hooo!

And of course, one needs a backpack to carry one of our spiffy cameras to take pictures!

All that to say - we enjoy incorporating our bikes into our date nights! We biked to one of our favorite drink places...


...and had a nice time just getting away from work and chilling with each other. Of course we had to stop and take some shots....


I tried to get Zach take a shot of me lying on the ground next to my bike like I hit a tree or something, but he wouldn't go for it... *sighs* I guess that's not very "romantic" or "date like."

Anyway, it's definitely nice to put the rest of life on the back burner for a few hours an evening a week and just chill and have fun! I love being married, but it definitely takes work and making lots of little efforts all along the way.

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