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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Engagement Shoot - Franklin, TN

This evening we had dinner and a Lifestyle engagement shoot with our great new friends Jaclyn and Daniel at Pinkerton Park in Franklin, TN. Their wedding is in December at The Factory (also in Franklin, TN), and we can't wait! We had a blast hanging out with them tonight and now we are ready for bed! But, we just had to post one shot (our favorite thus far!) from the session to hold you over until we post a few more later on :)

You guys are the best and we are down for Italian and a movie soon!!



  1. I love this picture, and I love the fact that you guys take something so average and make it gorgeous art! (Although, I must say those cute models didn't hurt! ;) What really cracks me up is the fact the picture oozes passion, yet Daniel and I were talking about how we were sweaty and a fly wouldn't leave us alone! That's how good you guys are. :)

  2. HA HA HA!!! You totally made me laugh out loud! You guys love each other so much it can show through in any situation that you are together - including sweating and annoying BUGS!!! Love it!! lol -Jody

  3. Yay!! Jaci I love love love the picture. Like I said, your photogs are going to have to do my wedding...when it happens!! =)

  4. Great pics you guys :)
    The building WAS amazing, I wish we had more historical buildings here. Wayne loves variety for his settings but in such a small city it can get to become a challenge.


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