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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Crazy Side of Us...

Sorry, not ready to announce/unveil what we have for you (super soon!) BUT we do have a great pic to show you!!

Yesterday was the Premier Bride Nashville Convention Bridal Show and Zach and I went to say hi to our photographer friends as well as vendors who were apart of the show. We also brought along our friend Amy Lynn and stayed there for 4 hours!!

We met Amy Lynn a few years ago when we were doing a shoot for a modeling/talent agency and the makeup artist we had lined up NEVER showed! By chance, our assistant knew someone who did makeup professionally, we called her on the spot and she came right out and did an AWESOME job! That was how we came to know the amazing Amy Lynn.

Since then, Amy Lynn has been our #1 makeup artist to go for brides, artist shoots, bridesmaids, mother of the brides, and even did our makeup for the shoot we had of us recently (
that's kind of a clue for the surprise we have to reveal!...it's a part of it, at least...). She left us for about 6 months to study airbrush makeup (so important with the work she does with films and such with everything going high-def and all). Check out her site - she's got some great stuff as well as quite a few photos of the stuff she has done for us.

She's professional, friendly and we love her!! (oh, and she shows up!... and ON TIME).

That's all for now! :0)


  1. So glad Chris was able to introduce Amy Lynn to you. She's the best... and she not only shows up on time, but she'll show up to do your make-up at 5am!

  2. I love Amy- she's precious and way too cool! Love these shots of you guys! :)


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