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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Birthday with a Giant Green Gorilla!

Zach and I had a nice time with our little anniversary celebration get-a-way! It was nice not to think about work (well, we tried as hard as we could), and to not worry about our email or anything. We closed our celebration out by attending the birthday party of one of our soon-to-be brides! Yes, her birthday was last night, but today is her real birthday!!!!! Happy birthday Amy!!!!!

You may be wondering why she is snuggling so close to a giant, green gorilla...
Well, readers, it was the combined effort of all her friends who enabled her to get this new and furry buddy at Dave & Busters!

It was partially in part to this crazy & addictive game... which really it's not even a game, but with Eric's mad skillz, and some help from a few others, quite a few tickets were contributed to Amy's Green Gorilla Fund (he was over 6,000 tickets.. can't remember exactly how much :).

The cutest part of the evening was Amy had quite a few extra tickets and offered some to a little kid who had like 5 tickets. He later came up to her and gave her a hug thanking her for what she did. Awwww... it was so cute!

Of course, I had to get my photo taken next to it.

...and then Jeff, desperately wanted to be friends with him as well...

Amy, we hope to see Gorilla at the wedding in April... :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. These are awesome!! Happy Birthday Amy!

    - Kacey

  2. I LOVE that shot of you & the gorilla! you are so darn cute!

  3. Amy!!! I am so excited about her wedding!!! Love the pics.... :)


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