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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Senior Shadow Day & Off to South Carolina!

Today we were honored to be shadowed by two awesome seniors for Senior Shadow Day! This is where a senior (hence the name) shadows someone in a profession they are interested in. We were approached by two students from Independence High School asking us if they could shadow us and we jumped at the chance! We had Kevin, who we have known from helping out with the youth group, as well as another great, creative person, Sarah!

Lucky for them we had some exciting studio stuff on the agenda for the day, so after grabbing coffee at our favorite hangout and talking business, we took them to the studio and put them to work! Ok, ok... just kidding... well, kind of.... :)

Unfortunately there were no shots taken of Sarah and I messing with the lights... though we are official accomplished Light People now... (not sure exactly what that is, but it's really important I promise you... :). After working on the studio, we had lunch at S.A.T.C.O. and that wrapped up the day!

Always remember, regardless of how busy your life seems, to make sure to take some time to serve and invest in other people, not just yourself! It can be one of the most rewarding things and who knows the impact you can have on other people and change lives!

By the way, these are the only sneak peaks you'll get of our studio before we have our Studio Warming Party so enjoy them while you have the chance!

On another note, we leave early tomorrow morning to head to South Carolina to shoot the wedding of Paul & Laura Bliss!!! We cannot WAIT to see them again, and even cooler - we are meeting up with a past bride and groom of ours who now live in the Columbia, SC area!! Fun times ahead this weekend...

Laura Bliss - The Bride To Be!

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