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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello South Carolina!

Yesterday we flew out of Nashville to go to Columbia South Carolina for Laura and Paul's wedding! These weren't the largest planes in the world so we had to gate check our camera bags which always makes us nervous. We watched the guys unloading the plane lift up one of the bags and heavily drop it onto the conveyor belt... ugh! Good thing we invested in great bags and our stuff is well protected... we still think a HUGE blinking neon sign saying "FRAGILE" will finally convey the fragile message we have on the bags...

We had a layover in Charlotte, NC, and of course entertained ourselves with our cameras...

We arrived safe and sound (including all cameras and luggage!) just in time for Laura & Paul's rehearsal. It was so nice to see them again and we can't believe their wedding day is finally here!!!

After the rehearsal we had the privilege of getting to meet up with some past clients of ours!!! December of last year we shot Nathan & Liz's O'Neal's wedding in Indiana, and we LOVE this couple.

They are such great people and we selfishly wish they could live in Nashville so we could hang out more. :) They took us to this local coffee shop (had to convince Zach we should try a different place BESIDES Starbucks...) and the drinks were great (my drink was called "The Perfect Man"), as well as the company and conversation.

Soooooooo nice to see you two again!!!!

Ok, now we must ready ourselves for the wedding this afternoon! Until next time...

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