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Monday, July 6, 2009

It Has Arrived!!! GrayPhotography's NEW Blog!!!!

After hours of brainstorming and a lot of blood, sweat and tears (ok, not REALLY), we are ready to announce... (drum-roll please)...

*Cheers & Applause*

Visit this link to see the new blog!!
Zach & Jody's New Blog!

This week is our one-year blog anniversary (yay!) and gone are the days of the good 'ol Blogger blog (so sad!) and onto our brand new blog!

We want to take a quick sentimental moment and thank you all for following us as we photograph and live life. We look forward to the coming year and what it holds!

Make sure to update your RSS feeds and bookmarks and do whatever else you need to do!

We are all about giving credit where credit is due so we want to give a shout out to some super cool people who were a part of making this happen!

Thanks to the amazing Allison May (aka A. May. Zing) who has been with us from the very beginning and worked with us on the design of our blog. Allison is the guru on branding and design and if you need any of those services, she is the one to call!!! She can be reached at AlliMay@gmail.com

Thanks to Brian with Skooks Designs who was the web mastermind behind putting the design & elements together and had much patience with us :)

El Video
Mark Brown & Marc Shap...


Head on over to our new blog at www.GrayPhotograph.com/blog and enjoy!

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