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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Nashville Family Visit

Thanks for all the congratulations that you all have been sending to us via email & FaceBook for our awards :) You guys are the best :)

For those of you who follow us on Twitter you know that we had a shoot yesterday of Luke and Joel! These guys are really amazing and we got some sweet shots so far.
The last place we shot at was a helicopter landing pad at Vanderbilt and it was pretty sweet. Can't wait to share pics! In the meantime check out some of their music and also video on their MySpace.

Now onto photos!

This week my (Jody) dad was in town.

It was a quick visit but nice all the same! After hanging out and eating breakfast at
Merridee's and beating my dad and Zach in a rousing game of Blokus, we headed off to our downtown Nashville studio, then off to enjoy the beautiful weather at Centennial Park.

For those who have yet to visit Nashville (highly recommend it and look us up when you do come by!), you have to visit Centennial Park. The cool thing about it is it has a full replica of The Parthenon! Now, if you bring your camera you will quickly find that you are not the only one snapping shots. At any given day you will see plenty of point-and-shoots as well as "real" cameras and of course you will spot about 219 engagement sessions or wedding shoots happening as well. Ok, maybe exaggerating about the 219... but it is definitely one of THE places everyone and their mom seems to shoot in Smashville. So of course, we came with my dad and brought one of our cameras :)

The pillars are really big...

Something dad would do to us as kids... the sly kick-in-the-bootie while walking..

Zach likes to call this photo "Who's Who?"

People say I look like my dad, but I don't see it. That's probably a good thing because then I might get a complex because I think I look like a boy :)

Cheers to family visiting!


  1. LOVE the pics w/ your dad. i'm sure you'll be glad you have those for years to come. and yes, you do look like him. don't worry, people tell me i look like my dad (and boy do I), but i don't think of it as looking like a boy but just a prettier version with hair :) - ash

  2. You don't look like a boy, Jody, but you sure do look like your dad!! :)

  3. I love the pic of you kicking him in the boo-tay. :) So cute!

  4. I don't see the resemblance at all... are you sure you are related? Maybe you are adopted?
    j/k haha!

  5. Oh my goodness- you totally look alike- he's so cute!!! =)

  6. Oh and there is no way anyone will EVER think you look like a boy Miss Jody! I've gotten that whole "Oh my gosh- you look just like your Dad!" your whole life too. =)

  7. I think you do look like your dad but not a boy! It is really in your smile!!

  8. great pictures!...yay, for family :) when are you coming to seattle, btw??? MISS YOU!!!!!!!

  9. You do look like your dad in the smile. I Love Love Love all that you guys are up to!! Can you teach point and shoot powershot mode? That is all I can afford right now.


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