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Friday, January 16, 2009

Some Website Love

Thanks for all of your comments and continuing comments that we have received on our new website!! We put a lot of work into it and it's great to hear positive feedback! We just got word last night, that our site, built through ShowIt Sites made the top 20 of all the sites built with ShowIt Sites and now has been entered into a contest for the public to vote on the top 5 best sites out of those picked. If you are a member of David Jay's Open Source Photo photographer's forum then you can vote !

Below are a few comments we have received on our site from friends, vendors, and fellow respected photographers:

IF I COULD REALLY YELL THIS OUTLOUD I REALLY WOULD! HOLY FREAKIN CRAP YALL!!!!!! THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME! WAAAAAY BETTER THAN ANYTHING I HAVE SEEN IN A VERY LONG TIME. I'M SO GLAD TO HAVE MET AND WORKED WITH YOU! We look forward to working with you many more times in the future. Thank you so much for all of your support and I hope you have an AMAZING 2009! Keep up the great work. I'm a big fan!!!!

-Jay with Maples Wedding Cakes, One of the top cake makers in Nashville who we have worked with

Shut up...we freakin love it!!! Great job guys!!

- 2Duce2 - Some cool videographers we know!


Intro video - awesome

transition videos - awesome

Pics - awesome

bio section - awesome!

- David Jay - One of the top 15 wedding photographers in the world (named by wedding photojournalist Association) the brains behind the program we built our site with, marketing & business genius, international lecturer, photographer, and savvy entrepreneur.

Okay... seriously. It's AMAZING. I know I just sent you an email saying the same thing... but really... it must be said here. I think it perfectly captures your spirit - your love - your skill - your art. I was so excited to see one of the clips from when I filmed you guys, too :) oh, and the climbing pictures... too fun http://kristineneeleyphotography.blogspot.com/ :) It's perfect!

-Kristine Neeley, Former Bride, Our Intern, aspiring photographer, and great blogger

The new site is cutting edge!!! it's tight...

I so love it!!!! It really exudes your style!!! :)

-Rhonda Patton with Rhonda Patton Weddings- a great decor and florist who we have worked with!

OMIGOSH YOU GUYS IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! Ahhhhh...I'm shouting because it's AMAZING!! You two are so super cute and watching that just reminded me of why I ADORE you both so much (as if I needed reminding!).

- Justin & Mary Marantz,One of the fastest growing businesses on the east coast, amazing photographers, speakers, people, and the list goes on...

Ever since I stumbled across you guys I have been following your work it so inspiring and absolutely FANTASTIC! Your website is jaw dropping! I have never met you guys, but after viewing that website I felt like I have known you forever. It was so great that I want my hubby to re propose to me that you guys can shoot our wedding. WOW is all I could say.

-Tanyell- one of our awesome blog stalkers!

Amazing site guys!!!

Nice work!

-Steve DePino - a great photographer we admire and respect

Ohhh!! I LOVE it!!! It is really cool- so who was the brains for this? LOL! what neat effects, and cool look! Congrats!

-Mary Natalie,Super cool wedding planner who we are pumped about the weddings we are doing with her this year!

Once again, thanks for the great comments! Have an awesome weekend!!


  1. how happy to get such great feedback!!! seriously, y'all are amaZING!!!!!! i can't wait to see the energy and momentum the site continues to bring in...how i love my amazingly talented friends!!! :)

  2. and p.s. you got me and my friend HOOKED the "my idea of heaven" song, ha ha, love it...

  3. Hey guys, really enjoy your blog and your new site is ballin'!


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